Repair and Maintenance


Repair and Maintenance


We want to offer you a sustainable product! So yes, we offer this service and it applies to the damaged amadou sheets of your Revolution-Amadou. Wanna see how we repair it? Click here!

  • Shippment: please write us before sending the damaged piece! Our working place is not the company’s seat. We will get back to you with the correct address. This is the time to use the small “reserve” from us and still go fly fishing 🙂 Shippment is made via padded envelopes.
  • Payment can be made with Debit Card, Credit Card or via Paypal.
  • 20 EUR = approx. 21.1 US$ (Dec. 2022) – conversion is usually made automatically by each bank.


Since amadou is a highly absorbing material, it is also very sensitive to any moisture source! That’s why Revolution-Amadou and other amadou products shouldn’t be kept in rain or close to the skin because if you sweat a lot, it will immediately absorb all the moisture and can get damaged. The same happens if it falls into the water and it gets soaked wet.

The small “reserve” amadou sheet is given exactly for these cases, when you remain without the fly drier and you still want to go fishing 🙂 So you have the small piece there to dry your flies in this meantime (even if you use your fingers for one part).

What means damaged amadou? It shrinks, gets very thin and hard, and loses almost 100% its absorbing properties. Click this link to see how we repair it!

Since we know these risks, and since we want to offer our clients a lasting premium product, we offer our customers the replacement of the amadou layers for only 20 EUR, shipment included.

For any other questions or requests, we’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail 🙂

Postage & Delivery

You only have to send the damaged piece of your Revolution-Amadou to us so that we can refurbish it (We will get to you via e-mail regarding the address). After we repair it, shippment costs are included – so no extra costs for you! 🙂

Customer Reviews

“Fly drier received. Gorgeous !!!!! it really looks gorgeous and beautifull !!!!!!!
Thank’s a lot, good job !!!!!” (Nicholas)

“I have met the team years ago at the EWF in Fürstenfeldbruck. Beside the fact they are an amazing team, their products are also amazing, especially the amadou which is unique and is nowhere else to be found. Keep up with the great work guys.” (Valentin)