Revolution Amadou


Revolution Amadou



– Handmade fly drying patch
– Unique drainage system that assures fast drying
– Exquisite amadou quality
– Durable, water repellent, carbon fiber cover
– Easy handling thanks to its dimensions (4×7 cm)
– Bullet-proof paracord attachment ring


After using different fly drying products, you’ll be amazed while trying out your own piece of Revolution-Amadou! See what makes it the finest product of its kind!

The amadou we offer is extremely scarce. It’s harvested in the ancient forests of Transylvania and prepared as super-soft, thick, 4×7 cm patches of amadou. Our thick and soft hand-made patches will not break or destroy the barbs or the hackles of your dry flies.

We’ve chosen the carbon fiber plates as one of the lightest and strongest material available today. Working the plates is also done by hand and small machinery and provides a unique and modern type of drainage based on the principle of capillarity. This innovative evacuation system works on its own, so while other amadou fly patches stay wet, ours dry extremely fast, keeping the amadou sheets fresh and dry again and again

As with any other natural resource, amadou is a biological, consumable resource. We are only able to provide a very limited number of patches a year. If at some point the stocks in our shop are empty, we take orders and the processing time takes 3-4 Weeks. We stay true to our credo, and state from the beginning that this isn’t and will not be a mass product.

Postage & Delivery

We offer you free shipping worldwide!!! Depending on the destination, the postage can last 3 to 10 days after placing the order. Items ordered before 4 pm Mon – Fri will normally make the post for that day. The cut off for postage on Saturdays is 11 am, if we receive it before this time we will endeavour to get it in the post before the cut off time.

For orders bigger than 5 pieces of product, please contact us through our contact form.

We back our products up for failure and we kindly wait for your input regarding “Revolution-Amadou”. We will also honor a return of the UNUSED product for our customers if they should be unsatisfied with it. They just have to submit their return within 15 days of purchase for a full refund.

Imagine that everything is done by hand over a period of at least 3 months from harvesting to final product as an amadou sheet. And from everything that is being produced, less than 10% has the quality that we use. And we will not go lower than the best. What we offer is worlds apart from everything described as amadou available today.

Working the carbon fiber plates is also done by hand and small machinery, and we decided to keep it that way. This way, you can enjoy what is in our opinion the finest product of this kind, knowing that it was built from scratch first by the only remaining families in Europe that process the Fomes fomentarius and then by the loving hands of a fly fisherman family.

We offer of course full service while using our products
If the amadou gets damaged (if completely soaked in water for instance in case of a fall) you can try and restore it by hanging it with the plates in opposite directions and letting it to dry over 1-2 weeks in a cool shaded place. If restoring the amadou sheets doesn’t work or if you want a quick solution, you can return it to us and we will change the amadou sheets for you for a fee.

We will also offer in the near future a back-up solution called the “Mini-Revolution”, consisting in a Patch half size of the original, sporting no holes, only evacuation channels. You can trustfully use it until your original “Revolution-Amadou” gets back to you with changed sheets.
(For the time being, by purchasing one original Revolution-Amadou, you will get an extra sheet of good quality amadou to use as a backup in case that the original gets damaged.)

The plan to try and offer a less expensive version of the carbon fiber plated original patch is in development and we hope to be able to present you with a working solution that satisfies all pockets in the near future. Here the only difference will be the in the plates themselves, or more specific, the material we will use, the exquisite amadou quality staying the same in all our product range.


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