Revolution Amadou Premium


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Revolution Amadou Premium


– selected, handmade fly drying amadou patch
– unique drainage system that assures fast drying
– best amadou quality on the market
– easy, durable and water repellent carbon fiber cover
– easy handling thanks to its size (4×7 cm) and its hard carbon fiber plates
– stainless steel attachment ring

  • Shipment is made from Switzerland: For 1 or 2 pieces ordered, shippment is made via padded envelopes and is free to CH and DE. For ordering more than 2 pieces, shipment will be made via parcel. In this case, we’ll send you an invoice for covering the shipment costs. For more than 4 pieces, please write us an e-mail.
  • Payment can be made via Paypal, or with Debit / Credit Card (for that please open instructions here).
  • 78 EUR = approx. 82.6 US$ (June 2022) – conversion is made automatically by each bank.
  • See our GTX model here.
  • Wanna see them side by side? Click here!
  • Did your amadou get soaked? We can repair it – in the meanwhile use the small reserve amadou sheet we’ve sent you.

Out of Stock

Customer Reviews

“Great news. The Revolution amadou has arrived like Christmas… Still a bit mesmerized by it all. Such a wondrous material. Craftsmanship shows a lot of thoughtfulness. I have no doubt your amadou will be spurring on many of streamside conversations for years to come. Thank you” (Neil)

“This is a superb premium product that will outlast cheaper products, it is beautifully crafted and very efficient. I was so impressed I bought a second one!” (Steven)

“An exquisite product for demanding users of amadou fly fishing driers!” (Smara)

“Amazing – beautiful product and the best amadou available anywhere” (Michael)

“Excellent natural product, first-class workmanship, great service and nice communication” (Bernhard)

“It is a brilliant product, a quality without any type of doubt, indeed is a Company in you can trust. International service is very quick throughout European Union as it was in my case, and communication with them is very nice, can solve all your problems.
Revolution Amadou works perfectly and dry your flies fast. I have tested it last week in various types of dry flies and I only can say that It will be a permanent gadget on my vest.” (Marcos)

“My Revolution-Amadou arrived today. I’m very pleased with it. It’s very beautiful!! Thank you very much.” (Aime-flyyguy)


Experience the best amadou fly drying patch – our Revolution-Amadou!

Being a fan of dry fly fishing you’ll be amazed by our fly drying patch! It is made with amadou exclusively in premium quality and it has an integrated, patented drainage system. Take here a closer look!

Why choose Revolution-Amadou?

You can finally get your hands on a handmade, innovative fly dryer that accompanies you for a lifetime.

We select by hand the amadou layers we use by their thickness and/or smoothness, so that your dry flies, especially the ones with CDC, won’t get damaged. Plus, we can replace your amadou sheets if they get soaking wet or damaged in any way.

Moreover we’ve chosen carbon fiber plates as cover, while developing and integrating the now patented drainage system of our amadou fly drying patch. Using the capillarity effect as an engine that lets humidity from the deeper layers of the amadou to evaporate, our product is a Revolution in itself!

See how it works HERE!

Make yourself a present and buy one now!

Postage & Delivery

We offer you free shipping in Germany and Switzerland! For other destinations we charge a flat-rate sum of 5 EUR. If tracking wanted, price can differ, so please contact us first. For one or two pieces ordered, shippment is made via padded envelopes. For orders bigger than 2 pieces of product, please contact us via e-mail or through our contact form.

Depending on the destination, the postage can last 3 to 14 days after placing the order. Items ordered before 4 pm Mon – Fri will normally make the post for that day. The cut off for postage on Saturdays is 11 am, if we receive it before this time we will endeavour to get it in the post before the cut off time.

We back our products up for failure and we kindly wait for your input regarding “Revolution-Amadou”. We will also honor a return of the UNUSED product for our customers if they should be unsatisfied with it. They just have to submit their return within 15 days of purchase for a full refund.

Imagine that everything is done by hand over a period of at least 3 months from harvesting to final product as an amadou sheet. And from everything that is being produced, less than 10% has the quality that we use. And we will not go lower than the best. What we offer is worlds apart from everything described as amadou available today.

Working the carbon fiber plates is also done by hand and small machinery, and we decided to keep it that way. This way, you can enjoy what is in our opinion the finest product of this kind, knowing that it was built from scratch first by the only remaining families in Europe that process the Fomes fomentarius and then by the loving hands of a fly fisherman family.


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